Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Krys Pettit Artist - Studio Notes Fall 2018

"Three Together" © Krys Pettit-watercolor on paper, 12"Hx9"W

"Autumn At Home" © Krys Pettit-acrylic on canvas, 16"H x 12"W

My Color Palette and Seasonal Changes

I count the days when the sultry months end. Summer has its  perks - flowers, the beach, travel, glorious sunsets. All make for great paintings but I need change.   Most of my work is based on time passing with the seasons and nature's adjustments and I anxiously await the months to come.  Autumn has always provided boundless inspiration. I look forward to the cooler temperatures, the onset of the holiday season, but most of all the intense and glorious Fall colors. Gold, bronze, burgundy, russet against blue skies- seeing these colors always moves me.
Recent Commissioned Work 

I had the exceptional pleasure of creating this custom commission of a family home in Jacksonville, Florida. I couldn't ask for nicer clients and we worked together long distance as a team via email, text & phone to bring to life a portrait of their beautiful family home. Click here to see more commissioned home portraits I have had the pleasure of creating:


"Early Morning Meeting" was chosen to be part of the "Top Choice" juried exhibit at the SoBoGallery in Winter Garden, Florida. 

"Early Morning Meeting"
© Krys Pettit
14"H x 20"W
 "Market Day" was part of the "Figuratively Speaking" exhibit this summer at the Art League of Daytona.
"Market Day"
© Krys Pettit,
16"H x 12"W

Website Updates

I have been making adjustments and additions to my website.  I've added some photos of me traveling and at work, stories about my art and why I paint, links to my blog and the various ways to reach out to me on social media on my "Contact" page. Come visit me soon! 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Living With My Art

"Faded Beauty" © Krys Pettit
oil on canvas
This piece hangs above my audio collection and shares space
with a gift from one of my art teachers and friend
I work in small space, switching from one medium to the next, depending on my mood.  I must have around 150 paintings stored in portfolios, boxes and bins, most of which I like.  They remain hidden. But I also have abut 40 paintings which are framed and circulated in my home.  Most of the framed work comes and goes depending on which exhibit I am showing in.   I live with my art, looking at it each day in every room of my house.  People who visit have commented my home is like an art gallery.  I like to think it is a bit more comfortable but as visually compelling.  Take a look at some of the places I display the art I have created.  Perhaps it will give you ideas on how art can become a part of your home decor. I apologize for the candid quality of the images--light reflection is a challenge when shooting art with glass.

I hate exercising. But I do it every day and have for decades. After I bike I glance up on my paintings and feel motivated to go back into the studio no matter how sweaty!

Lots of art graces our kitchen/dining area.  These pears are a favorite of mine -- along with some of my well-used cookbooks.

The soffit in the kitchen area was begging for some decor -- these watercolor gourds hit the spot.

Even the tiniest painting can add to a room.  I nestled this little acrylic of some heirloom tomatoes on a shelf with my cookbooks.

Coffee fuels our day in this house - and a print of "Seville Bouquet" hangs happily with some wooden cut bowls from Poland.

Long after I finished this oil of a street scene in Greece I noticed this hand-thrown pottery seemed to work well with it. They both sit on the hand-made bookcases my husband fashioned.

I am on the computer a good part of the day and this oil painting I did of a Polish barmaid I met in a hotel in Athens keeps me company as I work my way through emails.

Paintings are constantly moving around in our house, depending on what is hanging in which exhibit.  This ended up being a bit more pink than I usually have on the walls after they came home from shows.

"Morning Windows" was the first painting I did that was accepted in a state juried exhibition. It hangs in our foyer along with a wedding gift of a native American marriage ceremony.  I don't see things so much as needing to match which is firmly evident in this little corner.

Yes, even in the bathroom.  I don't recommend hanging watercolor art in a moist, humid environment but a climate controlled powder room can always use a touch of color.

 My actual work space is small and I am constantly reorganizing it and streamlining an 8 foot x 10 foot space.  But there is art all around in no particular order.

 Walls are filled up with framed art that is awaiting and exhibit or just hanging out.  I switch the art out often, utilizing the same mats and frames.

My husband instinctively works in wood.  No plans, no notes.  He has a gift. He has built a number of functional pieces in our home, like this file cabinet in a corner of my studio pictured in the image on the above left.  It is somewhat of a beast -- roomy, heavy and filled with art notes and files.  Some of my favorite art books come and go on top of it.  The two paintings are a watercolor on the left, inspired by an Andrew Wyeth painting.  The oil on the right is of a popular gated entrance to an old home in St. Augustine, Florida.
On the right above is a slice of the many shelves of art books I use, along with a simple watercolor of an iris.  I love the internet for reference but I find I need the presence of pages and ink to supplement my inspiration.

I try to visit artists' homes and studios when I travel, Monet, Winslow Homer, Georgia O'Keefe. This piece from will give you an idea of some of the studies you can visit.  Its always interesting to see how artists surround themselves in their work environment.

Curious about my work and the art I have available?  I invite you to visit my website below.
Krys Pettit - Artist

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It's Been a While

OK, I have to admit that I have not been the best at blogging, either now or ever.  Funny thing about being an artist and running your own business - there is not enough time and there are too many things to do.  Sometimes the things that are the most fun take a back seat when there is too much work to do.  But I'll blog once more, if only every month or so.  Because in the end the painting is what really takes up my time.  But I love to share my work. And that's a good thing.
It's been a busy season of new work and commissions.  I have had some delightful clients and really wonderful projects to work on these past few months.

 Portrait of family home - Jacksonville FL
commissioned watercolor by Krys Pettit
So grateful for these wonderful and happy clients!
I had the wonderful experience of creating this home portrait for a delightful couple in Jacksonville, Florida.  We worked via email sending images and discussing custom touches to the client's portrait.  With emails, phone calls, texting and messaging it's a snap to create a portrait like this long distance and still have a painting that the client loves.

"Wedding Bouquet Portrait"
commissioned watercolor by Krys Pettit 

 I love painting florals but I rarely have the opportunity to actually work on a wedding bouquet. But I had a nice opportunity to do a painting of a dear friend's wedding bouquet.  The wedding was some years ago but we discussed using the flowers from her bouquet and showing them in a still life setting with a vase.  I was so excited to see my work framed and hanging in her home, many miles away from my studio.

commissioned watercolor by Krys Pettit
Most of my commissions are homes, landscapes and florals.  When a client approached me about creating a custom painting with figures in it I was a bit concerned that I would not do the subject matter justice.  The piece required a back shot of the couple walking to the dock by their Florida home at sunset.  I only had a photo of them from the front in a totally different setting so it took a little practice to imagine what they would look like from the back!  My client had faith in me and I am very pleased to say he and his friends loved the final product.

In between painting commissions and my own work I have put together some videos on YouTube.  My original line of work was in the video field.  I love video and oddly have waited this long to use it for the presentation and marketing of my own work.  More to come -- it was fun to do these video slide shows.  Click on the YouTube links below -- they are short and give you and quick overview of some of the subjects I paint.

Krys Pettit - Home & Building Portraits

Krys Pettit - A Sampling of Summer Florals

Thanks to all of you for reading, liking and following me!  I am looking forward to creating more blogs with new art in the coming months.  Visit my website at

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Painting the Parks & Gardens

It's called painting en plein air.   For years most of us artists called it "painting outdoors."  Which ever term you run into it pretty much means the same thing.  You paint what you see outside. I have avoided it for any years because of the wacky weather in Florida -- usually brutally hot and humid, with cold, windy, pollen-filled winters.  But I decided to brave the elements and armed with allergy pills, nasal spray, bug spray (oh yes the no-seeims love me) tissues, and SFP 60 sunscreen I am bravely going where I have not gone before -- outside to paint in our local parks and gardens.

A recent session at the beautiful Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park was a perfect setting to create a lovely painting.

"Mermaid/Mermaid Mama Albin Polasek Aluminum Sculpture"
Plein Air watercolor on paper
Krys Pettit

Hot and humid is where we are already in Central Florida and I find my paper and paint dry out a lot faster than I would like.  This session didn't work out like I planned. Working outside is almost like learning about the craft of watercolor all over again after 20 plus years in the studio.

 I have company when I work outside -- although I think these little guys were interested in learning to swim more than watching me paint.
"Lake Lily Park - Maitland Florida'
Plein air watercolor on paper
Krys Pettit
We are fortunate to have the beautiful Leu Gardens complex in Orlando.  But sometimes the big gardens can be overwhelming. This serene tree and landscape were just perfect for me to tackle while working at Leu Gardens earlier this week.

I'll take a table and chair anywhere I can get it!
"Serene Oak and Palms"
Leu Gardens, Orlando Florida
Plein air watercolor
Krys Pettit

I find there is a tremendous amount of green in this area and it can be a challenge to capture it all  -- I miss the landscapes that I saw in Arizona and New Mexico.  But I have a few places on the Central Florida area I will be visiting in the coming weeks with interesting buildings that I look forward to painting.

Follow me on Facebook to see where I will be painting next in the Central Florida area -- and beyond!  Liking and sharing is always appreciated.
Krys Pettit - Painting Moments of Color and Light

You can always check out some of my larger studio pieces at my website:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Evolution of a Window

"Forgotten Window - Casa Feliz"
Watercolor by Krys Pettit
15" High x 11" Wide
Available for Purchase

When I am working on a painting I get involved -- so much so I don't have a feeling for what time it is.  I look up and two hours have flown by.  Often I regret not taking images of the progression of the painting and I am working on being more mindful of capturing the journey of what I do.  I wanted to share with you a few of the steps it took to create my latest in my window series, "Forgotten Window" (Casa Feliz).

The original shot was taken over a year ago at the beautiful Casa Feliz Historic House in Winter Park, Florida.  I tend to look for the small, quiet corners of beautiful buildings, the little forgotten places that add to the overall beauty of a location.  This window with the strong shadows really spoke to me.

Sometimes I paint from photo references from my iPads (I have 2--don't ask), an actual photo I took (old school is often the best), or in this case I printed out the image.  I have it set up with the beginnings of the piece on my drafting table with my favorite watercolor palette ready to go.

Watercolor is a transparent media -- meaning the white of the paper comes through and gives a piece beautiful luminescence.  It is a challenge me to keep the white in because I am a slave to colors, the deeper and darker the better.  But I held off and worked hard on keeping this piece fresh by laying in gentle washes here and there and preserving the glow from the white of the paper.

I love windows and have a special color combination I use to get the darks in this one:  a red with cool tones, a deep luscious magenta, and a burnt Sienna brown.  I mix on the paper as much as possible, wetting the paper so the color can explode in those wet areas.

At this stage the piece looked good but not dramatic enough.  I have to step away for a while, grab a coffee, check in with my husband, and clear my mind.  After that I realized I needed to add darker shadows under the window, pump up those window panes, and add some cast shadows around the building.

Here is the finished piece -- took about 2 hours.  I decided to stop here.  I have a tendency to overwork my paintings when they are at their best.  It takes discipline to listen to that voice in your head that gently says, "Stop ALREADY!! It's done."

If you like my art and want to see more of my paintings of windows, doors and gates, please visit my website, Krys Pettit - Artist.  I always love when people visit and share my art and I invite you to check it out.

Krys Pettit Artist -- Doors, Windows and Gates

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spring Cleaning My Website

Spring cleaning of the studio is done so I decided it was time to make a few change to my website.  If you were a previous visitor you will notice that the background is brighter, easier to read.  I have added a lot of new art and a section on Small Works.  You will also find more information on the sizes and pricing of the artwork.  I have made it easier for you to email me with just a click at the bottom of each page and on the contact page.
I invite you to visit my crisp, colorful new website and hope you'll send me a message and let me know what paintings are your favorites.